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About my research

How do species originate in the oceans? And what causes their extinction? Why some regions in the oceans are more diverse than others? Are the mechanisms responsible for the patterns of diversity in the deep-sea the same as in shallow ecosystems? Understanding the patterns and causes that drive present diversity in the oceans it’s one of the main goals of my research. As model organisms I use a group of gastropod molluscs – the cephalaspids. The study of the diversity, systematics and evolution of cephalaspids gastropods is consequently an important line of my research activity. This group of marine snails is poorly understood and I use morphological and DNA characters to recognize species and reconstruct hypotheses of evolution  and relationships (phylogenies) at species, genera, and family level.

Are you seeking a master project?


Most recent publication

If you are a master student interested in the fields of systematics, molecular phylogenetics, evolution, and biogeography, why not collaborate in one of our ongoing projects at the University Museum? Browse through this webpage and if you have any queries please contact me.


The “Arter på net” [Species on the net] webpages with images and descriptions of all species of cephalaspids gastropods occuring in Norway have now been released. Have a look here.


Catch up with my May 2015 fieldwork trip to northern Mozambique here.

Together with Yara Tibiriçá from the Zavora Marine Lab in southern Mozambique we published the first dedicated account of the opisthobranchs of the country highlighting the extreme diversity of this poorly known region of the Western Indian Ocean.


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